The Recent Barrage of Party Movies


Party movies have been around for a long time now, as far back as1978 when Animal House first came out and was a smash hit among the public. And since back in 2007 when Superbad released, there has been a revitalization of the ‘party movie’ scene with movies like The Hangover, The Hangover: Part II, Project X, and the upcoming 21 and Over. But there seems to be a minor problem with the recent barrage of them…they all do the same thing as previous movies and never change anything except the characters.

Superbad kind of set the bar for party movies again, that can be said and it also can be said that it’s a fantastic comedy movie. It was something new again, a plot that has us cheering the less popular guys in college and wanting them to succeed. What is Project X‘s plot again? Oh yeah, it’s about three guys who want to throw a big house party since their parents are away. It does seem familiar, huh? It’s so similar that it could be renamed, Superbad: The Found Footage Edition and people would probably understand. There is nothing knew there, and when you look at the new movie 21 and Over and some of the reviews coming through, it all points to ‘it’s the same story copied and pasted, the same cliché characters copied and pasted with different names’ and so on and so on.

Why people go see these movies and actually spend their hard earned money on them, to support them and actually fund future movies that are just cash-grabs. The Hangover is another example of a movie that is caught up in money and forgets to actually build on a sequel, The Hangover: Part II done nothing different than the original except change the location and the one character that is missing. And what is in the works now, and coming in the summer? The Hangover 3 and why? Because (mostly) it’s a quick cash-grab that the studio know they can just rope in more of the same crap of the original with no innovation.

Yes, a party movie is suppose to maintain the focus, the party, but it’s also not suppose to copy every other movie that is a party movie too. Which the recent barrage of party movies have been doing. They all just copy each other and wait for the money to pile in.

If any type of movies need to die, it’s these ones.


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