Remakes: Is Hollywood Finally Learning?

In the film industry these days (and fans of it), no one is surprised when a film is going to be remade. If it’s one of your favorite movies that is being remade you will most likely react with rolling your eyes or giving a big sigh. And most fans would have the right to react in such a way, given the track record of remakes. Some remakes such as the Black Christmas, Poseidon, Halloween, Godzilla and of course The Wicker Man. These being only some of a large amount of bad remakes, are Hollywood finally understanding how to do remakes now?

If you dig through enough films you can actually find some good remakes, I know, sounds absurd right? But there is remakes out there are actually very good and better than their counterparts, there is also films coming later in the year that are remakes and look promising too.

One of the movies that is better than the original is I Spit on Your Grave, originally one of the first films that fought sexism in movies. Showing a female character fighting back against males and not be given the normal character to just sit around and look good in front of camera. But was one of the video nasties that good of a film? It’s not a great film, in fact it’s probably a mediocre film but for what it does for females and the film industry at a time that was dominated by males, it made its mark. But in 2010 the film was remade, it was being directed by Steven R. Monroe. The film of course had its negative reviews like the first film from people who hated the type of movie it was, and for what it portrayed but in all the remake done everything the original did in a much better way. The remake does add in another character as Sheriff Storch and this kind of makes things a bit more intense with what happens. Along with the added character, the film looks and sounds way better (obviously) than the 1978 version. And Sarah Butler playing Jennifer is really good too, making the role her own.

But what Hollywood seems to love to do is remake a very popular old movie and then just cash in on the name, while not putting much work into the movie itself. But with them remaking a movie that originally had an interesting premise and wasn’t executed properly, they can remake it and make it what it was suppose to be like. And if Hollywood is going around just remaking the best old movies, what is there to really build on? Remakes like Psycho weren’t bad, but they just didn’t make the movie its own. It’s just a carbon copy of the original with updated visuals and sound and that’s not what people want.

Other remakes that are coming this year like Evil Dead and Carrie could be actually really good, because they are building on the originals premise. Evil Dead seems to be taking a very serious approach with what it’s doing, unlike the sequels that had a lot of comedy scenes and were less serious.

But is Hollywood finally learning now? Will they stop remaking movies that are near perfect already?

I for one think that remakes are headed in the right direction finally, of course we will get some bad ones along the way but I think we will be seeing some better remakes than we have over the past couple of years.


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