Transformers 4 & Michael Bay is back!


We knew that we were getting another Transformers movie, and we even thought that it was going to be a reboot. And if that was your dream, well Michael Bay is back to crush your dreams (of actually getting a good Transformers movie).

Bay has revealed that the new movie will not be a reboot which was what people were thinking what was going to happen, but the next movie will be set “a few years after the third.” When asked about the plot and would it be a reboot, Bay said “No, that’s wrong, we keep the Transformers the way they were, it’s just four years later.”

It has also been noted that Mark Walhberg will be starring in the movie too, which might give you some hope for the movie. But saying that, Michael Bay is back so keep your expectations low if you want something other than explosions!


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